Marketing Progress SecureMail

Get the Most Comprehensive Spam & Virus Filtering Available

Spam accounts for 90% of all emails worldwide, threatening employee productivity, network security and your company’s bottom line. A single email virus can cost your organization an enormous amount in damages, lost productivity and compromise your systems and data integrity. It is important to have a plan that ensures protection from email viruses, spam, phishing, email flooding, directory harvest attacks and denial of service attacks.

Why Marketing Progress SecureMail email security?

  • Better Email Security
  • Multiple anti-virus engines, updated every minute
  • Intelligent self-learning anti-spam filters
  • Continuous availability
  • Spool mail for up to 14 days if your email server goes offline
  • Reduce support tickets by providing user level quarantine and blacklist

Keep Spam and Viruses out of Your Inbox

Marketing Progress SecureMail offers a spam-detection accuracy rate consistently above 99.9%. Businesses that adopt Marketing Progress SecureMail® can be confident of possessing the least complicated, most effective means available of protecting their business email from spam and viruses. Marketing Progress SecureMail offers simple, secure administration that is entirely Web-based, with no software to install. Users can define settings that allow/deny senders, domains, and IPs for any email to the domain; and our advanced policy options allow for sophisticated rule management, including support for regular expressions.

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