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Aspirational Marketing - The Best Way to Get Your Audience's Attention

In today’s world, customers want a connection with the brands they buy from. The best way to get your audience’s attention and connect with them is through Aspirational Marketing. Aspirational marketing is where you ask the question “Who do you want to be?” Our goods and services need to fill a void in the lives of our potential clients and customers. They want to know how our work can help them become better versions of themselves.

Jason Martin from ABR uses these primary questions:

  1. How can your customers use your products and services to help improve their lives in a personal or emotional way?

  2. Can your products or services do more to solve problems that your customers face, or simply make their lives easier?

  3. How can you help your customers become better versions of themselves? What does better mean to them?

We definitely want to come from a place of ethics, being authentic and genuine and trying to connect with your clients by being interested in what they want. For many years brands have pushed the ideal inspiration on customers. They’ve suggested lifestyle ideals that are out of reach for the average customer. This inspiration fatigue has caused a more cynical audience.

Inspirational marketing holds an ideal that someone wants to become. Aspirational marketing helps a client or customer find the power within to reach their ideal.

Here are some ways tips to get you started on creating aspirational marketing your audience will love:

  1. Share an underdog story. Everyone has faced difficulty in their lives. Grief, anger, frustration, fear...these are all emotions that readers connect with. Make sure your story aligns with your brand’s core values and that it has a positive and emotional ending. A note of caution: spending too much time on the negative can come off as whiny, so make sure you hit the right spots. Make sure your story has a solid beginning, middle, and end, and make sure it’s an authentic and genuine story. No fake stories here. If you’re not sure where to find one, look to your comments, emails, and other forms of feedback left by previous customers. If you still can’t find a way that your business has changed someone’s life for the better, consider rethinking how your brand operates. Find someone who needs help, someone who thinks they can’t (but are willing to work to try), and help them beat the odds.

  2. Aspire to change. While it’s tempting to say “you can do anything you put your mind to”, don’t use that narrative. Instead, focus on the steps it takes to change your life, position, work ethic, etc. It takes more than grit and determination to make changes in your life. Your audience wants practical advice that is sustainable.

  3. Represent your demographic in your marketing. Your audience isn’t full of svelte bodies and perfect smiles, so try to move away from those in your marketing ads. People want to be seen in your content, so make sure it happens.

  4. The current audience is frustrated with emotional manipulative ads. They want to feel good about their purchases, not feel guilted into it, so make sure your aspirational marketing reflects that.

  5. Ask your audience! They know better than anyone what they need. It’s smart to go right to the source, and as a bonus, it really makes them realize that you care about their individual needs. This is how you create a sense of community and connection.

The bottom line is this: aspirational marketing is unique to your audience. It’s an empowering form of marketing that touches the heart of your clients and makes them believe in themselves. It’s not an obscure ideal, but instead, a power within that you can help cultivate.

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